250 Coins


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Tuxedo of the very special ****! Heavy Rubber Smoking! My body is completely wrapped in latex. Several layers above each other! And what am I doing? I smoke a cigarette with pleasure. Since I unfortunately had no ashtray on hand, I had to use a kidney bowl. But no problem, with a little spit I prepared them. I think you envy the shell for sure! She got all the ashes and loads of spit! ------------------------------------------------ Smoking of the very special ****: Heavy Rubber Smoking. My body is completely covered with latex. Different layers of latex on top of each other. And what is it that I am doing? I pleasurably smoke a cigarette. Since there was no ashtray close at hand, I had a kidney basin for it. No problem at all, I just read it by spitting into it. I suppose you should have a lot of my spit.
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